Outerfocus Podcast ep. 43 - Chris Suspect by Chris Suspect

Union Square, San Francisco, CA | © 2019 Chris Suspect 

Union Square, San Francisco, CA | © 2019 Chris Suspect 

Very excited to be on the awesome Outerfocus podcast with Ian Weldon. We go on for quite a bit talking about my punk rock history, its influence on my photography, why I don't make any money with photography, why photography is like a long distance race, the difference on our respective opinions of color in photography, and much more!

Give it a listen below and discover why Outerfocus is the best and most honest photography podcast out there.

Day of the Dead Street Photography Workshop San Miguel de Allende, Mexico by Chris Suspect

San Miguel de Allende | © 2019 Chris Suspect

San Miguel de Allende | © 2019 Chris Suspect

In San Miguel, Day of the Dead is one of the most colorful and charming holidays of the year. It is the time when Mexicans welcome the dead back to earth for a visit, even while mocking death itself.  Featuring several parades, night time celebrations at beautifully decorated cemeteries, art installations, dances and lusciously decorated public altars in homes and the streets around the entire town.

Join me October 29 - November 4th for an amazing trip and take your street photography to the next level in a beautiful, exciting and welcoming city. I will review the history of street photography, discuss the proper method to critique images and highlight visual cues to keep in the back of your mind when shooting, including juxtapositions, tricks of perspective, multiple points of interest, raw emotion, layering, obscuring elements, geometric principles, shadow play, and the subliminal power of semiotics. I also work a lot with flash and will share techniques to shoot at night in the festivities in and around San Miguel.

This workshop is for all levels but a basic understanding of how to operate your camera is expected. Laptop and thumb drive will be required for editing and the feedback sessions. Any camera is accepted.

SCHEDULE: We will have breakfast every day as a group. Then we will meet daily in the mornings to review work and give feedback. The group will go out and shoot at different times and locations depending on the Dead of the Day festivities and La Calaca Festival schedule of events.

The workshop starts Tuesday 29 in the evening with a group dinner (after all students have arrived ) and ends Monday 4th at approx. 8am after group breakfast. You can make travel arrangements to depart San Miguel anytime after 8 AM on Monday the 4th.

For more information and to reserve your spot visit MSPF Workshops.

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Interview with Focus on the Story on My Street Photography Workshop Philosophy by Chris Suspect

Denver, Co. | © 2019 Chris Suspect

There is a nice interview on Focus on the Story with me about my upcoming street photography workshop, May 29-May 31, that’s part of the larger Focus on The Story Festival. In the interview I touch on how I run my workshops and the kinds of things I want my students to take away.

By being a student of photographic history and a dedicated practitioner of the craft, you will ideally find yourself in a better position to recognize more visual opportunities and be able to express them with your own unique vision.

There are still some spots available so if you are interested please visit the official workshop page. You can also take this workshop a la carte if you do not want to register for the festival. One other cool thing about this workshop is that all the participating students will have their work projected during the opening party which is a great way for your work to be seen by many of the influential guests and presenters that will be there.