streetfoto san francisco

StreetFoto San Francisco 2019 - Lecture, Judge and More by Chris Suspect

The Trump Inauguration, 7th and D Sts., NW, DC | © 2019 Chris Suspect

I am very excited to announce that I will be going to StreetFoto San Francisco this year to present a lecture on my Gratuity Included project. In addition I am also one of the judges for their annual international singles and series competitions and I will be officiating this year’s cage match - a last minute competition where photographers submit images to be judged live on stage in front of an audience.

StreetFoto goes from June 3-9 and will be at the Harvey Milk Photo Center. Other guests include Richard Kalvar, Matt Stuart, Barry Talis, Roza Vulf, Jack Simon and many more. Deadline for the awards competitions is April 28.