Crystal City Fotowalk, Spring 2019 / by Chris Suspect

Hyattsville, MD | © 2019 Chris Suspect

I am excited to have three images in Exposed DC’s new exhibit in the Crystal City Underground in Washington, D.C. For those not in the DC area, Crystal City is an neighborhood in the southeastern corner of Arlington County, Virginia, south of downtown Washington, D.C. Due to its extensive integration of office buildings and residential high-rise buildings, the area uses underground corridors to travel between stores, offices, and residences without going above ground. It’s kind of like Toronto in a way.

Exposed DC takes advantage of many of the long stretches of corridors to hang photographs. They have done several exhibits there over the years and they are pretty mammoth shows. The show this spring features 62 photographers with probably over 100 images printed very large, 3 X 5 feet usually. It’s pretty awesome as there is massive amounts of foot traffic through this area due to all the businesses and the metro system.

This upcoming Spring exhibit is about color, how it is seen, captured, and used through photography.

Feel free to attend the opening reception at Gallery Underground on April 5 from 5-7 p.m. as part of Crystal City's First Fridays.

The Spring 2019 exhibit will be installed on March 31.