Join Me for a 2 1/2-Day Street Photography Workshop in DC / by Chris Suspect


2.5 Day Workshop

Washington, DC | 5/29-5/31

Join me for a 2½ -day street photography workshop in Washington, D.C., during the Focus on the Story Festival, May 29-May 31, and take your street photography skills to the next level.

Starting Wednesday morning, I will review the basics of street photography – what street photography is and is not, and the history of street photography, including the work of the masters.

You will learn how one “reads” a street photography image and how to identify the elements of what makes a street photograph successful. I will discuss visual cues to keep in the back of your mind when shooting, from juxtapositions, tricks of perspective, humor, gestures, multiple points of interest, raw emotion, layering, obfuscation, geometry, light and shadow, and the subliminal power of semiotics.

We will take this newly learned knowledge to the streets for the rest of the day/evening and apply what was discussed in practice. Attendees can go out on their own or go with me and I will provide practical tips for capturing interesting photos and will help you to identify situations that may provide fruitful for a successful image.

On Thursday morning, students will be asked to come to the class with no more than 10 of their favorite images from the day before. These will then be shown to all the students in the workshop and be open for critique by the group and instructor.

In the afternoon/evening, we will hit the streets again learning from what went right or wrong the day before.

On Friday morning, we will meet up to review the previous day’s images and consider how one sequences the images from the past two days for slideshow at the official opening party. The workshop will officially end at noon.

All students who sign up for the workshop will receive in advance a recommended reading list of books that explore the history and philosophy of photography, photography techniques, and street photography photo books of importance. In addition, they will also receive some notes on gear, lenses and flashes that are advantageous to practicing street photography.

This workshop is for all levels but a basic understanding of how to operate your camera is expected. Laptop and thumb drive will be required for editing and the edit review sessions. Any camera is accepted.

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